Whether you’re forming a corporation or limited liability structure, our compliance experts will guide you through the process to get your entities set up. We offer business owners document preparation and filing services to start limited liability companies, business corporations, nonprofit organizations, professional partnerships and other types of entities.

We also suport you in completing and filing the appropriate forms in instances where you must vary the share capital, dissolve or withdraw a business entity.

We offer tailored services to assist organisations review their existing governance structures and policies, build on existing good practice and achieve excellence in compliance with appropriate governance codes. We offer oversight services to organisational policies, procedures and practices. This oversight helps to ensure that the organisation is operated in the best interests of its stakeholders.

One of the most difficult and yet essential aspects of good corporate governance is the evaluation of the effectiveness of the board in carrying out its responsibilities. We assist in developing robust tools to ensure improvement of the Board’s effectiveness and leadership. We also provide board and committee evaluation services and sacco directors and supervisory committees training.

Sacco societies bylaws may be amended to conform to requirements of the Cooperatives Act or to address specific members requirements. Bylaws amendments can be on matters relating to membership, voting rights and investment decisions.

We provide advisory services on the process of bylaws amendments including how to improve on governance issues, financial management, human resources, taxation, asset and liability management, among others.

Appropriate management of Statutory Filings and Compliances are imperative for any business to ensure a positive brand reputation and profitability. With our deep process knowledge and proven expertise in service domain, we help you maintain impeccable levels of regulatory compliances. Our compliance services help improve risk and economic capital management as well as drive cost reductions.

Our services also ensures that you remain compliant with the statutory filing requirements under which your entity is registered be it a sacco, NGO or limited liablity company.

Due dilligence activities will be necessary when evaluating a business either for a merger, acqusition or divestment purpose. Due dilligence is the activity carried out to ensure that care has been exercised to avoid harm. Some of the activities involved include: cash flow reviews, certainty of revenue streams, assets valuation, contingent liabilities review, tax health check, insurance information, among others.

Due diligence is time consuming, inconvenient and tedious. It goes beyond the basic checks, the risk of getting it wrong is high. We work with you to help you understand your position and that of your counter party; we do it in under reasonable time and cost.